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Summer Camp Scholarships

Every year L.O.V.E. offers summer camp scholarships to L.O.V.E. students and their siblings. This offers a safe, fun and structured experience for the children.  We do this because we acknowledge children often regress in academic skills over the summer months. 

For the summer of 2022, L.O.V.E. has donated funds to allow for 44 scholarships to campers at Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club as well as funds for 10 scholarships at West Broad Street YMCA.  Both camps are full day and provide at least one meal a day as well as classes in reading and math in addition to other fun summer activities.

Additionally, L.O.V.E gave money to each camp to hire additional educational support persons or junior counselors.

Summer camp provides a lifetime of memories and new experiences that can positively shape the lives of our mentees. 

Children Playing Tug of War
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